Treatment submission

Submit your idea for PAAS' 2023 Perth Fringe Show


‘Treatments’ are originally used to write for television, however for the purpose of accessible production planning this is a template we're using to enable folks to effectively plan out their idea before being ‘green-lit’. This is to ensure that you aren't committing to a large writing project without PAAS endorsement, but still have the opportunity to fully express your idea.


To put a show forward for the 2023 Perth Fringe World Festival, simply download the play treatment template on this page (bottom left 'book' button), complete it with your ideas and concept, and send it through! If you have any questions about the process or require any assistance to understand or complete the template, please get in touch via the contact tab on the right.


- Write a synopsis, Act 1,2, 3 with subheadings and dot points.
Don’t make it hard for people reading to ‘access’ your ideas

- Be extremely clear with your writer intention (different to director vision)
This means be explicit with any messaging or twists that you want in the show as this adds as a ‘hook’ to invest producers (PAAS).

- Set out opening scene and final scene in the same formatting as provided in the template.

Submissions for the 2023 Perth Fringe World Festival show will close midnight, 10th July 2021.
However, PAAS will accept submissions all year round for consideration. To find out what other events we have in the pipeline, or when the next opportunity is to have your play produced, please get in touch.

Treatments must be submitted to


  • July 10, 2022, midnight